Exile: Week 2

This is Week 2 from a sermon series Daniel preached at Anthem Church in July 2017. 'Exile' is an abbreviated look into the book of 1 Peter and the lives that we are called to live as 'Elect Exiles.'

Summary: God has saved us by his power, through is son, and for his glory. What a reason to rejoice! And as the redeemed, living for the glory of God, we are made holy. Holy means to be ‘set apart for the purposes of God.’ This doesn’t mean removed from the world, but rather set apart for God amongst the world. Knowing fully who we are, our conduct should be that of a people that reflect the mercies and glory of our great God so that all of those around us would see him and know him. By "preparing our minds for action" and "being sober-minded," we are able to “hope fully on the grace that will be brought to [us] at the revelation of Jesus Christ."