March Fourth Sunday Details

House Church_Parish Church.PNG

During this inaugural season for The Parish Church, the fourth (and occasional fifth) Sundays of each month look a little different. Instead of our Gathering at Meadow School, our whole church scatters out into our wonderful city to be the church outside of our normal four walls. And though we do this daily within our MCs, it’s been a wonderful rhythm to take this time 1-2 Sundays a month to really put into practice our value that Church is not an activity but an identity.

This coming Sunday, March 24, we’ll be meeting at the Huskeys’ House at 11 AM (notice the time difference between our normal gatherings) to practice an intentional liturgy (lit. form of worship) in a home — just like the 1st Century Church. We’ll spend about 45 minutes singing, reading Scripture together, and walking through a time of ‘Confession & Assurance.’ There’s no doubt that for many of us, this form of church will be a little different. But our hope and aim is that by slowing down together, forgoing the bigger production of a normal Sunday Gathering, we will reconnect with our ancient, historic faith and meet Jesus in a new and fresh way! Afterwards, we’ll head to lunch together. Please join us!