May Fourth Sunday Details

The Parish Church_Pancake.PNG

During this inaugural season for The Parish Church, the fourth (and occasional fifth) Sundays of each month look a little different. Instead of our Gathering at Meadow School, our whole church scatters out into our wonderful city to be the church outside of our normal four walls. And though we do this daily within our MCs, it’s been a wonderful rhythm to take this time 1-2 Sundays a month to really put into practice our value that Church is not an activity but an identity.

This coming Sunday, May 26 we’ll be serving the Veterans of Petaluma with a Pancake Breakfast. It’s going to be all-hands-on-deck as we’re anticipating quite a few folks attending. We need people to serve by helping cook, setting up/tearing down, interacting with guests, and helping clean up. If you’re a part of an MC, let your leader know how you’d like to serve and they can give you the necessary details. Hope to see you there!