Sermon On The Mount – Week 10

Our tenth week into The Sermon takes us to Jesus’ exhortation towards greater righteousness in dealing with evil.

Jesus’ ‘New Command’ has often been over-interpreted to say that Jesus now teaches it to be sin for governments to defend their citizens by way of force. But as we discuss, this interpretation is both wrong and dangerous. He IS NOT repealing what governments can and should do in regards to legitimate civil legislation (which reminds us of God’s justice).

But we also can’t dismiss the complexity of what Jesus IS saying. This ‘New Command’ is superseded for Jesus’ disciples — those that willingly and sacrificially lay their lives down to follow his way of life. These ‘Little Steps’ that Jesus commands us in are not passive, impish calls towards non-retaliation. To the contrary, Christ is calling us to respond and confront evil — Only we are called to so in in radical ways. Ways that are creative and unexpected. We do this because we love, honor, and obey Christ as Lord!


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