Sermon On The Mount – Week 16

The Spiritual Disciplines contained in The Sermon on the Mount (i.e. forgiveness, mercy, righteousness, justice, charity, prayer, fasting, and so on...) are absolutely — unequivocally — vital for the Christian in order to renew our hope, refresh our faith, and reorient/reorder our loves/desires towards to be for our King and his Kingdom.

This week we dove into Jesus’ teaching on fasting and for many of us, it probably looks a lot different than what we’ve been accustomed to. The reality is that the focus of the Bible on fasting is not what we get from fasting or on motivating people to fast in order to acquire something, but instead lands squarely on responding to sacred moments in life. Fasting is the way — at least as it appears in the Bible — to act in solidarity and in true sympathy with those things — with the suffering of the world around us.