Sermon On The Mount – Week 5

We must not “unhitch” ourselves from the OT — Jesus did not come to unhitch us from it, but to transform it, to fully fill it. As Scot McKnight points out, “Our passage is the most significant passage in the entire Bible on how to read the Bible, with a nod to Luke 24:13–49; Galatians 3:19–25; Romans 9– 11; and the book of Hebrews, because Jesus tells us here how to read the Bible.” He draws out four lessons:

  1. Look to Jesus as its central Story. Jesus’ life, his teachings, his actions—everything about him completes what was anticipated in the Old Testament. This the gospel.

  2. Looking to Jesus means following him and through him, we follow the Torah.

  3. Following Jesus really means following Jesus, and it matters eternally.

  4. We are challenged to be better than non-followers. Followers are marked by a greater righteousness or by more righteousness.